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I have been volunteering to walk dogs at the Mahoning County Dog Pound. Wiggleworm was one of the first dogs I walked or should I say she walked me. She would jump as she walked so I immediately though the Sky Ball would be great for her. So our second time walking Wiggle was much better. She loves the Sky Ball! She is able to jump and chase after the ball to release her energy and the dog walkers were amazed to see Wiggle sit down with her ball.

-Julie N

Friends of Fido Member

Youngstown, Ohio


Dear Maui Toys,

I wrote to the company a while ago explaining how much our family loved the sky ball. To my surprise, yesterday, the UPS man delivered a box to my front door. Inside I found the most wonderful care package! How perfect those words fit for what you did for my family! You cared enough to send not one but THREE sky balls to all my kids! I was so touched by your gesture, I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

I wanted to let you know how happy all the kids where when they saw what was inside the box. My daughter and son each took a ball and promptly went to their rooms to hide them from the dog! lol. Next was my doggies turn, when she laid her eyes on the big green one, she went crazy!! At first she took off with it and tried to hide it from the KIDS! Then for the next hour she pushed it around and kept it very close to her. Even caught her napping with it. The rest of the night, she brought the ball to us and barked until we threw the ball for her. I really do believe the sky ball could be marketed as a pet product. Maggie would vouch for it any day!

I wanted to send some photos of Maggie playing with her new prized possession. I would also like to thank you again for such a thoughtful package. I belong to a Newfoundland blog site and I will definitely be spreading the word on how great the sky ball is for big dogs!

Thank you ever so much!

Dodi Sink


Dear Maui Toys,

As a Kindergarten teacher, I am always looking for new and fun things to do with my students. I teach in a very small Catholic School where funds are limited.

The Preschool Teacher and I work together on developing gross motor skills for our grade levels. Last night, I bought a "Sky Ball" to use in our 'Motor Skills Class'. Little did I know how incredibly wonderful my purchase was.

Not only is the ball easy for our students to catch, it is a great tool for working on visual tracking!!! We had a blast! Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

Dustin A. Robertson


My name is Tyler Ellsworth. I am nine years old and I live in St. George, Utah. My friends and I love our Skyballs. On April 9, 2009 our school is having a Science Fair. I would like to do my project on what makes a sky ball bounce so high. I read that there is helium in it and I wondered how you get it to stay in there.

My mom is going to attach some pictures of our Skyballs. We all draw faces on our Skyballs and give them names. I think it is the most awesome invention.

Please write back if you have time. I only have 4 weeks to get my project done.

Thank you.
Tyler Ellsworth
Horizon Elementary


"Hi! Me and my friend got the sky balls today at Dicks sporting goods in Stony Point Mall in Richmond, Va. We love them! You all should never stop making cool stuff like this! your company is awesome, truly! Thank You!

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